Reliable Company

Yooil Rubber Company

Management Policy

Yooil Rubber ordain a S30 achievement, a basic compliance and a SPEED&DETAIL with the basic attitude and basic management policy of the company.
We pursue the best quality and contribute social community as responsible company at the same time.
In addition, we develop future's value of company with providing the best service to build a credit from customers.

S30 (Survival 30)
30% increase in productivity, 30% reduction in cost,
30% reduction in quality failure through continuous technology development and process improvement.
Thorough basic compliance
All employees of Yooil Rubber adhere to the basics and principles to solve safety blind spots and create a competitive corporate culture with the highest quality products.
Achieve development goals and timely supply through thorough schedule management Positioning high quality and reasonable price images to customers with meticulous and strict product management